Schenectady demolitions begin Monday

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.Schenectady demolitions began Monday as crews tore down a damaged Cutler Street home.

The demolition of 1150 Cutler St., a home that was damaged by fire, is the first demolition funded by $3 million in HUD funding recently received by the city.

Schenectady has assembled $7 million in funding for demolitions and renovations as part of the mayor’s efforts to rebuild Schenectady neighborhoods under the Home Ownership Made Easy in Schenectady, or HOMES, program.

“Today, we continue to move forward with removal of blighted structures that place stress on our neighborhoods and impede quality of life,” Mayor Gary McCarthy said.  “This demolition will be followed by five more in the weeks ahead as our neighborhood revitalization efforts continue to move forward.”

Over the next few weeks, five other structures throughout the city will be demolished. The next home is located at 2934 Albany St.

Other locations include Division Street, Grove Place, Henry Street and Pleasant Street.

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