Colonie dispatcher thanks colleagues for saving his wife’s life

COLONIE, N.Y. – A quick response from Colonie First Responders saves the life of one of their own.

Dispatcher Bob Davis credits his colleague’s quick thinking for saving his wife’s life after her brush with death last week.

And he isn’t alone, that quick thinking has been regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized for their success rates while dealing with cardiac arrests.

Linda and Bob Davis
Linda and Bob Davis

Colonie EMS, police, and fire departments have created what is called an Echo Response Team. Departments are cross trained to ensure anyone in cardiac arrest in Colonie will receive quick and possibly lifesaving techniques no matter who arrives on scene first. After seeing the work first hand last week, Colonie Dispatcher Bob Davis says it’s no wonder they’ve been recognized as one of the best.

“We get a text message when we get a call and I looked at it and saw that it was my address,” said Davis.

Davis has heard a lot of EMS calls over his radio but it was one regarding his own wife, Linda.

“It was a sudden, unexpected cardiac arrest,” he said.

Davis says he will never forget.

“There was no breathing, no heartbeat, and they got her back,” he recalled.

Though Linda asked not to be on camera, Bob Davis says he credits the quick thinking of Colonie’s Echo response team for saving his wife’s life.

“It was a very rapid response from all parties, probably less than five minutes from everybody,” he said.

“Somebody got there fast from the Fuller Road Fire Department, started CPR, followed up by police officers, and an EMS arrival,” explained Colonie EMS Chief Peter Berry.

And it is exactly that kind of coordinated effort, according to the chief, that gives Colonie one of the highest heart attack resuscitation rates in the nation.

“We carry an AED which is an automatic external difibulator,” said Colonie Police Office Greg Jensen.

A device that allowed the first on scene to assess Linda’s cardiac arrest and ultimately helped in keeping her alive until ems arrived on scene.

“It’s great when we save a life, it’s even a little more satisfying when it is one of our own,” said Berry.

And as for Bob Davis, the pain of hearing his wife’s name over a dispatch call is something he hopes he never experiences again. There was never any doubt in the touch notch care she would receive.

“I knew the pros were there, and that was good enough,” says Davis.

Bob says that Linda was released from the hospital on Wednesday. He wanted to express a thank you to all who work so hard to save his wife’s life.

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