Gaming Commission to announce casino locations on Wednesday

ALBANY, N.Y. – After more than a year of waiting, on Wednesday the State Gaming Commission will recommend where four Las Vegas-style casinos should go.

There are four locations in the Capital Region, hoping to get a thumbs up from the board during Wednesday’s 2 p.m. announcement. Those locations include Howe Caverns in Schoharie, a possible Hard Rock Casino in Rensselaer, a Capital View Casino and Resort in East Greenbush, and a Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady.

For some people, a casino is being hailed as an economic savior and for others, they look at it as a devil in disguise.

“A gaming facility has a great diversity of jobs in different fields. It’s not just dealers. If you site a casino in certain environments, it has been shown to perhaps have deleterious impact on the criminal activity and alike. Out where we are in a more rural area, crime should be not a problem at all,” says Howe Caverns Project Manager Jeff Hyman.

“I think that they’ve been proven its an extraction industry. It doesn’t actually generate any wealth, it just takes wealth that’s already there and transfers it to the casino developers. So we haven’t seen where it actually produces anything of value. The most they can say its of entertainment value but we think that people going into gambling addiction and losing their mortgages isn’t very entertaining,” says Cara Benson with Save East Greenbush.

Here is a breakdown of local casinos up for recommendation:

Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor

  • Applicant: Capital Region Gaming, LLC
  • Location: Mohawk Harbor, Schenectady

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

  • Applicant: NYS Funding, LLC
  • Location: DeLaet’s Landing, Rensselaer

Capital View Casino & Resort

  • Applicant: Saratoga Harness Racing Inc.
  • Location: Thompson Hill Road, East Greenbush

Howe Caverns Resort & Casino

  • Applicant: Howe Caves Development LLC
  • Location: Howe Caverns, Cobleskill

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