Fire cuts Polar Express trip short

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Passengers aboard the Polar Express didn’t lose their Christmas spirit despite not completing the trip due to a fire.

A trip to the North Pole was cut short Tuesday night after the Polar Express in Saratoga County caught fire.

“There was a fire in the traction control box up by the engine,” Maple Avenue Deputy Fire Chief John King said.

King said passengers were not in danger, no one was injured and no one needed to be evacuated. But crews had to shut everything down to put out the fire. As a result, the train came to a complete stop in Greenfield.

“We were parked for a little while,” passenger Melanie Connelly said.

But the Polar Express did make its way back to the station safely. As passengers left the train, they said the delay didn’t ruin the Christmas spirit.

“The train broke down about halfway up the mountain, but they came around with extra cookies and hot chocolate,” passenger John Davis said.

“Everybody kept calm and all the chefs were dancing around, singing Christmas carols,” Connelly said. “They were as entertaining as they could be and all the kids were playing and happy.”

“I met some people going out the door, and they said, ‘Are you going back for a second round?’ and I said, ‘Why not!’” passenger Scarlett Mae Connelly said.

But how was the delay explained to the children on the train? By caribou of course!

Santa Claus made an appearance on the train and explained to the children that caribou were on the tracks, and the train had to stop while the crews moved all the animals away.

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