Washington Co. man saved with NARCAN from heroin overdose

KINGSBURY, N.Y. – The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says they were able to save a man suffering from a heroin overdose thanks to NARCAN.

Officers responded to a residence on Broad Street at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday  for a report of a heroin overdose. As deputies arrived, they located a 24 year old male who had injected heroin and was not breathing.

Sgt. Todd Lemery administered NARCAN in the form of a nasal spray which most of the Sheriff’s Deputies have been trained with and carry.

The initial vials of NARCAN did not have an effect but Deputies with their NARCAN kits prepared the vials for Sgt. Lemery as he administered the additional doses.

All doses available from the officers on scene were administered and the man struggled to take a breath. However, it was not enough to sustain life. Officers then began rescue breathing for the man with an ambu bag as they awaited EMS to arrive.

Fort Edward EMS arrived and as the man was carried to the ambulance the NARCAN doses that were previously given took effect and the man began breathing and opened his eyes. He was agitated and denied that he had overdosed, say police. He was transported to Glens Falls Hospital and released a short time later.

Hypodermic needles, empty heroin packets and other drug paraphernalia were seized from the residence.

During the investigation, it was learned that the man that overdosed, injected heroin with two other men that woke up in time to flee the residence before officers arrived, leaving the overdose victim unconscious. They were identified and later located by sheriff’s deputies.

No charges will be filed since the incident falls under the good samaritan law.

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