Some Village of Canajoharie residents without landline phone service, including calling 911

CANAJOHARIE N.Y. -According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center landline phone service, including dialing 911, is out of commission in part of the Village of Canajoharie.

Most landline phone services in the Southeast part of the Village of Canajoharie containing the 518-673 prefix are down.

According to Montgomery County Emergency Services the outage may take one to two days to fully repair.

Lines are down due to a small fire from a gas leak that caused severe damage to a frontier support line in the village.

Anyone in need of emergency services is to call 911 from a cell phone until landlines are reported. Those without cell phones are asked to drive to a populated area and ask for assistance.

All police, fire and EMS have been made aware of the issue.

Check back to, the Montgomery County Emergency Management Facebook page or the Montgomery County Emergency preparedness APP for smart phones and tablets for more information on the interrupted service it becomes available.

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