Hunter Mountain ready for ski season

HUNTER, N.Y. – Several inches of snow fell throughout the Capital Region this past week, and while it was a headache for most, the flurries were welcomed at a local ski resort.

“That kind of storm was an elevation storm, so you know, 15-20 minutes south of us, they were getting pouring rain, but we were getting a major snowfall, so it was fantastic,” Hunter Mountain Ski Resort Marketing Communications Manager Katie O’Connor said.

“I heard 20 inches of snow fell last night, and once we heard that we packed up and we came here today,” Westchester County resident Cory Castagna said.

On top of the natural snow, snowmaking crews have been adding even more to the slopes at Hunter Mountain since Wednesday night. Castagna and his two friends traveled from Westchester County to take advantage of the 40 different trails the mountain has to offer.

Pat Savage is a retired firefighter from Rockaway Beach. He also came to Hunter Mountain on Friday to hit the slopes.

“I came alone,” he said. “I called about five different friends, and they’re all working and they couldn’t get off today.”

Hunter Mountain isn’t the only place people can enjoy skiing this weekend. White Mountain in Queensbury opened on Friday, and Maple Ski Ridge in Schenectady will officially begin its season on Saturday.

Willard Mountain in Greenwich is opening on Saturday and Sunday. It will have at least four trails and two lifts operating.

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