BU hockey phenom to play at RPI

TROY, N.Y. – Boston University freshman with professional skill level coming to play against RPI in Saturday hockey game.

Jack Eichel is to hockey as Lebron James is to basketball. Eichel has the skating and skill level that exceeds most professionals. He’s the leading Division I scorer as an 18 year old.

The future star will be playing at RPI on Saturday.

The Engineers are hosting Eichel and BU, the second ranked team in the country. RPI is pretty banged up and not playing their best hockey right now. But head coach Seth Appert said his guys are up for the challenge.

Appert said it will be a treat for any and all hockey fans to get the chance to see Eichel play in person even if they’re not an RPI supporter.

“In my 18 years in recruiting, I think Jack Eichel is the best American-born player I’ve ever seen,” he said. “That’s how good I think he is. He’s a once a generation player.”

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