Union playing best hockey of the season

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – The Union College men’s hockey team is playing the best hockey of the season as they head into a three week break.

Head coach Rick Bennett compared their recent success to a good band.

“We need them just like a band needs a lead singer,” he said. “They have to be the front men.”

In this band, Daniel Ciampini and Max Novak are the front men. And when they play well, the team plays a winning tune.

“When those two are on, they are very impressive,” Bennett said. “Again, I thought they had their best game against Yale.”

Bennet said the Yale game was their best performance of the year. Ciampini recorded a goal and an assist. Novak recorded a goal and two assists.

The two combined for eight points in Union’s two wins last weekend marking their first weekend sweep since mid-October. Ciampini said he stepped up his play because he knows they don’t have many performances left.

“I’ve seen it for three years before where I watch guys like Welsh and then Jooris and guys like Carr and all these guys move on, and it’s like, ok well, somebody’s got to fill their role, and now it’s like it’s my turn where I got to be that guy now, and I think Max feels the same way,” he said.

And with the front men helping the Dutchmen finally start to harmonize, Union will look to shoot to the top of the charts in the second half of the season.

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