Tree damages Richmondville home after heavy snow fall

RICHMONDVILLE, N.Y. – Many residents and emergency response crews in Schoharie County are exhausted, dealing with power outages, tree damage and even fires all before noon time

One resident says he was terrified not knowing at first what fell through his roof Wednesday morning.

“Big bang, she yelled and I jumped out of bed,” said Bob Bredley.

Bredley says the bang he woke to in his Richmondville home was so loud he called 911 and started helping his wife, who has medical needs, get out.

“It scared me. My heart started popping and I told my wife get dressed, get dressed in case more happens you got her dressed and packed her medical supplies,” he said.

Thankfully the Bredley’s did make it out safe as part of a large tree came crashing through their roof. The old tree collapsing under the weight of heavy snow and ice. Downed trees and heavy snow also caused hundreds of power outages in the Schoharie Valley. National Grid crews rushed to fix the damage.

Rose Corigliano of Middleburgh found some supplies to help her.

“My little radio here. It’s one of those the kind you can crank,” she said.

But she did not have her generator  ready to hook up, that meant the difference between keeping warm and fighting the cold.

“I should be probably better prepared,” said Corigliano.

Snow removal and fixing power lines was just the beginning of what crews faced in Schoharie County, multiple fire departments also responded to house fires in Middleburgh early Wednesday morning.

“There was a little power surge with National Grid. We had a down line and when it came back on there was a couple incidents where we had some structure fires due to power surges within the homes,” said Mike Hartzel Director of Emergency Services in Schoharie County.

Most of the power is expected to be restored now but with more snowfall on already heavy trees this could mean another round of problems. Emergency crews encourage people to remove snow from your roofs and be prepared with food flashlights water blankets all emergency supplies in case you do find yourself without power.

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