Fort Plain child dead after ingesting liquid nicotine

FORT PLAIN, N.Y. – Authorities say that a one year old has died after consuming liquid nicotine.

According to Fort Plain Police, EMS reported to a Garfield Street home shortly after 4 p.m. on Tuesday for an unresponsive one year old.

Police also responded to the home and while conducting interviews, it was learned that the child was suffering from a reaction to ingestion of liquid nicotine.

Paramedics worked on the child from the home to the hospital in Little Falls. However, the child was pronounced dead at 5:53 p.m.

An investigation continues. Police believe that this is a tragic accident.

Police say that the public should be aware that liquid nicotine is used as a supplement to e-cigarettes and it is sold legally in New York. Right now, companies are not required to childproof the containers. It is a pure chemical and it is highly toxic. A dose of only one half of a teaspoon of the pure product can kill a child.

Anyone who uses liquid nicotine should take extreme measures to keep others safe from the product.

Neighbors on Garfield street say they had no idea the substance could have deadly consequences and that more needs to be done.

“I was sick. It’s disgusting. It’s, I don’t blame a person. I think after reading about it, seeing reports on TV about the use of the nicotine that it’s dangerous,” said Rodney Strait a neighbor to the family that lost their child.

Police say they don’t expect any charges to be filed but called it an ongoing investigation.

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