Troy man arrested for September shooting

TROY, N.Y. – Police say they have arrested a man for his connection into a shooting that happened in September.

Michael Casseus, 25, was arrested on Tuesday morning on an indictment warrant.

Troy Police Captain Dan DeWolf says video from downtown street cameras helped solve the crime. There are 36 surveillance cameras rolling at one time in the city, and they are being monitored by Troy Police.

“We had our cameras rolling. The street cameras rolling and there was video of it, so from that video we were able to ID him as well as speaking with witnesses,” said DeWolf.

DeWolf says more cameras are set to be installed throughout the city. Troy City Council President Rodney Wiltshire says the plan is almost complete.

“Actually last night we just voted on approving the receipt for the grant for those funds to install those 13 cameras,” he said. “Most of them are going to be installed in the North Central Lansingburgh area at this point.”

Casseus is charged with first degree assault, second degree attempted murder, and second degree criminal possession of a weapon. He was arraigned in Rensselaer County Court and remanded to Rensselaer County Jail with no bail.

Police say they have solved all the homicides that happened in Troy this year, and now most of the shooting incidents are solved as well.

The victim in this shooting sustained injuries and was treated at a nearby hospital.

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