Capital City Rescue Mission in need of turkeys for annual holiday meal

ALBANY, N.Y. – Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and one local organization needs help in preparation for their big feast.

The Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany, who holds an annual holiday dinner, says they do not have all the necessary ingredients for the meal.

While they have enough sides like yams, vegetables, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, the mission’s chef Max Ansong says there’s a shortage of turkeys.

“We have enough food, but we are doing food baskets for people that want to cook at home, and I would like to get this food to them so that we can also help other people that want to have a good Thanksgiving,” he said. “From today, even the weekend, people can drop turkeys here because the kitchen is always open.”

However, there’s another way to give to those less fortunate at the mission.

The rescue mission serves an average of 1,800 people on Thanksgiving Day, and a donation of just $2.05 would cover the cost of feeding one person on the holiday.

CCRM Executive Director Perry Jones said people should spend the holiday thinking of those that may not have access to a Thanksgiving dinner because that’s what he sees every year.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘I’ll see ya on Thanksgiving. I’ll see ya on Thanksgiving,’” he said. “What that tells me is that they don’t have anywhere else to go. They don’t have family. They are strangers, other issues, and this is their family.”

Kevin Simpkins is one person who is looking forward to spending the holiday at the mission. He has been living there for the past seven months and credits the organization for where he is today.

“It’s just good to be around people who are in good holiday spirits, and it’s gonna be a blessing to be around all the people and the good feelings and emotions will be nice,” he said.

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