Union, RPI to take the ice Friday

TROY, N.Y. – The Union College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute hockey teams will take the ice Friday for the first time since the 2013 Mayor’s Cup brawl.

The fight between the Dutchmen and Engineers resulted in massive amounts of penalty minutes and suspensions for both sides.

Both teams said they are not proud of the brawl, and they would like to forget it ever happened. Each side said they have moved on from it.

“There’s no hard feelings. What’s done is done,” RPI head coach Seth Appert said. “It’s part of the culture of our sport. Neither one of us is happy that it happened. Sometimes things boil over, but then it’s done and over with.”

“For us it’s over,” Union head coach Rick Bennett said. “But to really put it over, you have to play. You have to go through that so that’s what we’re gonna do Friday night.”

Union has won ten of the 11 match-ups in the Route 7 rivalry. The Dutchmen are fresh off a national title run, and they’re 5-1 this season. With the Engineers off to a dismal 1-5 start, why should hockey fans expect the game to be close?

“They’ve done well against us lately,” RPI captain Curtis Leonard said. “We have something to prove, and they wanna keep their reputation up. So obviously, there’s two teams trying to compete for something, and when that happens, there’s gonna be a heated rivalry.”

“They always come hard,” Union goalie Colin Stevens said. “Obviously, the rivalry I think fuels that a little bit, but they’re a good hockey team.”

“They always bring their A-game when they play against us, and we always bring ours when we play them, so I think that’s what makes it even more special,” RPI defenseman Luke Curadi said.

“Maybe they haven’t had the best of fortune, but I think they’re going to work hard for 60 minutes,” Union forward Daniel Ciampini said.

The puck is set to drop at 7 p.m

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