Oscar Mayer Wienermobile works with Albany Meals on Wheels

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be collaborating with a local Meals on Wheels program Thursday to help deliver meals and collect personal care items.

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is accompanying Albany’s Senior Services for the week to deliver meals to area seniors and raise awareness in the process.

The Weinermobile has been delivering meals in Watervliet and Menands since Tuesday, following the same route to better know the seniors they are serving.

According to Albany’s Senior Services, more than 500 seniors receive meals through the program every week, and that for many it is the only food they receive.

“A lot of the people we’re serving grew up in the Weinermobile, so when we pull up and have their weekly meal to give them, it’s been an amazing blast from the past for them, and a lot of fun for us,” said Matt Heng, a hotdogger.

According to Senior Services of Albany Executive Director, Monica Beckmann, it’s definitely the most unique volunteer they’ve gotten, and though it may seem sacrilege to serve anything other than hot dogs out of the Wienermobile, these deliveries cover all the food groups.

“We are extremely proud to feed their bodies, with really nutritious, all homemade food, and then we feed their soul,” she said.

And soul feeding is something the Weinermobile crew says they know all about. In fact, they requested the same route, all just to get the most out of the experience.

“To know the people we are delivering to, we get to see them more than once, which is really cool for us, so we get to have a little personal connection with them,” said Heng.

And for the meals on wheels program itself, Beckmann says just by being here, the Weinermobile will help draw attention to a cause, just in time for its busiest season.

“The need increases during the holidays, so any attention, will help make a difference,” she said.

In addition to delivering meals in the Weinermobile, Kraft foods will be hosting a donation drive for Albany’s Senior Services this Sunday at the Central Avenue Shop Rite where those who donate personal care items will receive a free glow in the dark wiener whistle and honorary Hotdogger nametags.

The organization has specifically requested the following items among other personal care items:

· Paper plates

· Plastic/ paper cups

· Plastic silverware

· Paper towels

· Facial tissue

· Toilet tissue

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