Inmate attacked officer at Greene Correctional Facility

COXSACKIE, N.Y. – An inmate serving a 20 year sentence for attempted murder hid in a closet in a supply room at Greene Correctional Facility and attacked a female correction officer when she entered the room alone, according to officials.

The incident occurred on October 21 at 3:00 p.m. The correction officer entered the supply room of the housing unit she was assigned to. While in the room, the inmate, Omar Richardson, exited a locker that he was hiding in and grabbed the officer by her upper arms. While restraining the officer, the inmate made references to wanting to “kiss her” and “taste her”.

The officer was able to break free from Richardson after a brief struggle and called for assistance. Responding officers arrived and forced Richardson to the ground while he continued to struggle to get free. Restraints were finally applied and Richardson was transported to Coxsackie Correctional Facility, which is a maximum security prison.

The female officer, who has less than a year on the job, was not injured in the incident. The officers who responded sustained minor injuries and were treated by staff at the facility and returned to duty.

Richardson, 32, was convicted of Attempted Murder, Robbery and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in 2001 in New York County.

While incarcerated at Greene, Richardson has been disciplined multiple times for stalking and sex offenses.

“This is another example of an inmate whose criminal and disciplinary history belongs in a maximum security prison. The officer was extremely lucky to have broken free from the inmate and call for assistance. It is our belief that if the inmate had been able to restrain the officer she would have been sexually assaulted. The reclassification of inmates that has occurred during the recent closures of prisons statewide has resulted in a more violent workplace for our officers. This needs to be addressed by DOCCS or the attacks on staff will continue to rise,” said Mid-Hudson Region Vice President Michael Mazzella.

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