Zephyr Teachout makes stop in Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. – A New York governor candidate made several stops in the Capital Region Thursday.

Democrat Zephyr Teachout made her way through the Capital Region while on a whistleblower tour through the state to let voters know who she is and what she stands for. Teachout stood on the steps of the State Education Building and told the crowd lawmakers need to spend more money on education.

She also accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of using money that children need as tax breaks for the rich.

“Classes are overcrowded, teachers are stressed, kids are stressed, there’s not enough art or sports for each child,” she said. “This is central to my campaign, and instead what we see is Andrew Cuomo’s donors close to the big banks and are taking the money that belongs to our kids.”

She also cried out against “legal corruption” and how the state is failing to provide funding for students.

In recent polls, Teachout has ranked poorly because people do not know who she is. But Teachout is confident despite the long odds.

“I’m gonna win,” she said. “I mean what we see is incredible momentum. I think we need 350,000 votes and every day we’re getting hundreds of new volunteers.”

The New York Times has endorsed her running mate Tim Wu for Lieutenant Governor citing his “fresh perspective and a new voice,” but the Times said it would not endorse Teachout or Cuomo for the governor’s seat.


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