Troy Police makes changes to staff to help combat growing violence

TROY, N.Y. – Troy Police are making changes to staffing after city officials met to discuss the continuing violence in the Collar City.

Mayor Lou Rosamillia and Police Chief John Tedesco said they met Thursday night and decided to make the changes after one man was shot and there is another suspected arson in Lansingburgh.

Thursday night’s shooting happened just before 8 p.m. and it involved a State Police helicopter pursuit. It ended with the arrest of 19-year-old Angel Sanchez. 

Troy Police say another teenager’s parents confronted Sanchez about allegedly stealing a moped from their son. That’s when police say Sanchez shot the father in the leg near Sixth Avenue and Glen Avenue before taking off in a vehicle. 

Sanchez was arraigned in Troy City Court Friday morning. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Police say Sanchez eventually turned himself into the custody of an officer. 

Police say that only a few hours after the shooting, around 2 a.m., they responded to 114th Street in Lansingburgh for a suspected arson. The building was a home to multiple people, unlike other buildings damaged because of arson. Thankfully no one was home at the time of the fire. 

Chief Tedesco says he is making changes on Friday by adding more officers to shifts and freeing up others that would have been doing training activities. 

“We’re raising the minimum staffing standards on our afternoon and midnight shifts. We are re-deploying our drug unit specifically to the north central area to help with the recent spade of shootings. We are stopping all training except for those that have to do with certifications,” he said.

The shooting victim is at Albany Medical Center. Police say he does not have life threatening injuries.

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