Habitat for Humanity helps revitalize “Jeopardy Corner”

ALBANY, N.Y. – Habitat for Humanity is helping a part of Albany, known as the “Jeopardy Corner”, get a face-lift.
The nickname for the area came about in 2012, when the stretch of vacant buildings on Sheridan Avenue was featured on an episode of “Jeopardy!” as the definition of “urban blight.”
Joele Roberts has lived on the corner of Swan and Sheridan Avenue with her family since January. She says that despite getting a bad rap for its scrappy exterior, she thinks it is a great place to live, even though it could use some help.
“It’s not drug infested, there are a lot of abandoned buildings and someone needs to do something with them,” said Roberts.
Habitat for Humanity and Housing Visions is now helping with the neighborhood. Sara Rising says that over the course of the next two years they plan on adding 60 homes in what they deem the “Sheridan Hollow Revitalization Project.”
“We’re really revitalizing the whole block,” said Rising.
The area was once the poster child for “urban blight” but one day it will be home to store fronts, low income apartments, a restaurant, and even Habitat’s new office.
“Increase the tax base, have stability, have a sustainable community so that we no longer have blight, we no longer have vacant and abandoned buildings,” said Rising.
A location blocks away from state offices and Center Square, Rising hopes Sheridan Hollow will soon become an anchor neighborhood for the city. Roberts also says she can’t wait to have a front row seat.
“I think it needs to revitalization, I think it needs to be brought up to standard and it is definitely what needs to go on,” said Roberts.
There was some confusion as to whether all of “Jeopardy Corner” would be razed on Friday morning. Rising told NEWS10 ABC that it will likely be another year before it does because the demolition cost is not in the 2014 budget for Housing Visions.

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