Guilderland High School cheerleaders prepare for the upcoming season

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. – Cheerleading is all about school spirit and pumping the crowd up during football games, and that’s exactly what the Guilderland cheer squad is ready to do.

Tryouts for the Guilderland cheer team were held last week, after having had sixteen seniors graduate last year, this year’s team is very new. With a roster of 24 girls, the team has begun to prepare for the season.

According to the Guilderland Head Coach Patty Palmer, in recent practices the team has been trying to work on the basics and prepare themselves for their first football game. The goal for the team this season is to put on a different halftime performance at every home game.

The cheer squad is able to perform stunts as well as tumble.

According to the Head Coach Palmer, New York State is recognizing cheerleading as a sport starting this basketball season, which makes cheering extra special for the team this year.

“The argument is always going to be there. Is cheerleading a sport or not. I think this is going to bring everything together…. cheerleaders are athletes but I don’t think it has come full circle for all the schools. Hopefully this will create that,” said Coach Palmer.

The Guilderland Dutchmen can’t wait to kick of their season at the first home game September 12 against Columbia High School.

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