Parents feeling first day of school jitters along with kids

ALBANY, N.Y. – A the first day of school in the Capital Region is coming up fast, some children and even parents may feel nervous.
Educators say parents will have a hard time avoiding high emotions on that first day of school. They will go from being very excited to nervous, and sometimes even guilty about leaving their young children all day.
“Be very positive and upbeat. This is true for whether you’re sending your child off the nursery or college,” said Patti Vitale, Head of School at Brown School.
Vitale recommends taking advantage of open houses and orientations going on during the week before school starts. Parents should also visit the classroom with their children to alleviate any anxiety.
“For families who are nervous I think it’s great to notify teacher ahead of time, sometimes teachers are willing to have a pre meeting,” said Vitale.
She says that it is common for parents to linger on too long on that first day, but it may not always be best for the child.
“Sometimes a negative is the parent that lingers in a child’s view. I would suggest if they’re not comfortable leaving right away, kind of get out of the view,” explained Vitale.
Parents should also remember that they can get a hold of most teachers easily through emails, phone, and even text messages. Take advantage of all that open communication while adjusting to the back to school routine.

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