Nisky moves classes, brings more competition

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. – The Silver Warriors made a big change in the offseason that should allow the team to be more competitive.

The Niskayuna football team finished below .500 the past two seasons failing to win a single division game last season. Part of the reason for their struggles was a thinning roster that made it difficult to compete in Class AA.

“We were bringing, really, an entire group of juniors to the field to throw them into A competitions you could play a team here and there, but week in and week out it was a pretty good pounding,” head coach John Furey said.

The team opted to move down to Class A for the upcoming season allowing for a more competitive schedule against teams closer to their size.

“It’s the appropriate thing for us,” Furey said. “We have just three of four seniors out for the team. It’s the appropriate thing to do.”

The team became post-season ineligible which may have affected the numbers coming out for the team this year with just three seniors on the roster and a total of just about 20 players in all.

Luke Kellish is one of the seniors on the team who wasn’t turned away by the changes.

“I’ve always come out here just for the love of the game of football,” he said. “I’ve never really concentrated on the post season or the championships.”

Kellish has a different goal.

“I’ve kind of just looked at it like I’ll kind of just get them ready for next season,” he said. “I’m just going to teach them. That’s my purpose for this season. And I know that these juniors can really promote the program back to the healthy numbers that it has.”

That’s what keeps Kellish and the other returning seniors motivated: the chance to spark the resurgence of the Niskayuna football program.


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