Crews cleanup Sharon Springs school after rain

SHARON SPRINGS, N.Y. – Crews were at the Sharon Springs school Friday after heavy rain flooded the building.

The Sharon Springs Central School is opening its doors for students in two weeks, but its first floor was almost completely flooded by heavy rain on Thursday. Workers have removed all the standing water, but the building is still very moist.

Fans were set up throughout the building in an attempt to dry out the school.

“Whole building was flooded at least on the first floor,” Sharon Springs Central Schools business administrator Anthony DiPace said. “The water got about six inches up, so you know it got into the sheetrock and other areas so we’re a little concerned about that.”

Workers had just finished preparing the school for the upcoming academic year.

“As they walked in this morning, with all the hard work they put in over the summer, to see that type of mess, they were like, ‘Oh boy, here we go. Got to do it again,’” DiPace said.

DiPace said he’s worried about mold and some of the flooded wood buckling, but he thinks students will have a place to come at the start of the school year. However, a few classes might have to be relocated.

“We’ll definitely have to have some construction going on, I think, and some repairs going on while students are in session,” he said.

Other parts of southern Schoharie County also saw flash flooding.

“Culverts flooded, several small bridges were washed out,” Sharon Town Supervisor Sandra Manko said.

Sheriff Tony Desmond said several roads were also flooded.

“Route 10, north of the Village of Sharon – that was covered with debris last night, and it’s been cleaned up pretty good,” he said. “I think water is your worst enemy.”

No injuries were reported, and crews worked fast to clear up roads.

“If it stops raining, everything is doing good,” Manko said. “It’s calmed down, and I think we’re okay.”

Cleanup supplies are available for residents at the Stewart’s in Sharon and at the town hall.

“Takes a long time to get back to where you were after it recedes,” Desmond said.

There’s a lot of cleanup still left to do at the school, but officials hope to have the doors open for the first day on September 4.

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