Schenectady Fire Department gets new recruits

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — The Schenectady Fire Department is bolstering its ranks Friday morning.

Five new recruits took the oath to serve the city. They will now head off to Utica for 16 weeks of training.

Chief Raymond Senecal presided over the ceremony at city hall, saying this is no small matter.

Answering 22,000 calls a year, with an arson investigation unit that leads the nation, and the sixth busiest rescue company in the country — the chief says he expects their best.

“It’s an honor to be a firefighter, I expect you to respect and appreciate that, we cannot put a price tag on that. Speaking from experience you go anywhere in the world, you have a problem you go to the nearest firehouse,” he said.

On top of the new recruits Friday, there were also three new leaders promoted in the department. Firefighters Adam Colvin and Adam Levy made lieutenant, and Lieutenant Joel Metz was promoted to captain.

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