Brother of Lansingburgh homicide victim speaks

LANSINGBURGH, N.Y. – The brother of one of the Lansingburgh double homicide victims spoke out Thursday to criticize how police are handling the case.

Husband and wife, Allen and Maria Lockrow, were found beaten in their First Avenue home Wednesday morning. Allen was deceased when police arrived to the scene. Maria was taken to a hospital where she later died.

Police have not released much information about the investigation, and that has a brother of one of the victim’s upset.

“Maria and I were dear, dear,” Thaddeus Pietrak said. “We dearly loved each other.”

Pietrak recalled fond memories of his sister Maria Lockrow. A memorial sits outside the home in honor of the two who lost their lives.

“Wanted to cry,” Pietrak said. “Had a pit in my stomach. I collapsed into my couch in the living room.”

Police have asked the public to be on the lookout for the couple’s blue Ford Escape with license plate CKL 8018. Authorities believe the vehicle was taken by those responsible for the killings.

“Maria and Allen were simple people. They lived simple lives,” Pietrak continued. “It boggles my mind who could have done this to them.”

Pietrak said Maria and Allen would have celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary in November. And while he mourns for them, he criticized the Troy Police Department for how the case is being handled.

“I have moments of rage,” he said. “I can’t do anything. And I want to do something.”

Troy police released the following statement on Pietrak’s concerns:

“We realize that with an investigation of this magnitude, there is going to be a certain amount of rumor and speculation surrounding the investigation.”

Pietrak wants to make sure those responsible for the killings are found.

“I want justice,” he said. “I want my sister’s killer, my brother-in-law’s killer, to be found.”

Police said they will make an announcement when any “note-worthy developments” are made.

“The truth needs to be told, and hopefully, the state police and somebody more powerful than that, the FBI, will step in and find these evil people that did this evil thing,” Pietrak said.

Police are still looking for the Ford Escape. There are no other updates on the case.


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