Amsterdam High School band preparing for a season of success

AMSTERDAM N.Y. – Amsterdam High School is one of many  Capital Region schools preparing for months of football games and competitions.

Although school is not yet in session, the doors to Amsterdam High School are open for the band to practice. Just like the football team, the marching band is getting ready for the season as well.

The band is currently in its pre-performance rehearsal period. During this time, the band goes over drills, learns songs, and practices how to march and be in sync with one another.

Over 140 students make up the band. Students and staff who are involved in the band have devoted a lot of time to being a member.

“If you are on the football team, the band, color guard or majorettes you’re a big part of the community. The games everyone is there and yelling and the band plays a big role in hyping up team,” said drum major, Morgan Shaw.

The band continues to work hard in preparation for the upcoming season.

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