School board to discuss options for redesigning Albany High School

ALBANY, N.Y. – It’s back to the drawing board for a local school district as they try to figure out the most cost effective way to renovate Albany High School. 

Plans to start construction on a new Albany High School are still a long time away, especially considering the initial three design plans now have to be reworked after the proposed cost left those in charge with sticker shock. 

The designs that were considered neared a cost of $200 million, according to superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard. Now officials have to rethink the design to be more cost effective.

“Design would have to change if we’re going to change how were going to populate and build new system,” said Vanden Wyngaard.

On Thursday night the school board will be presented with a new design concept; one that they are hoping won’t be a burden on taxpayers when the time comes to foot the bill.

“The hope tonight is the board will say ‘go forward with this, study this, get to work,’” said Vanden Wyngaard

Vanden Wyngaard says she wants the community to be involved in redesigning the school and create a more cohesive environment for both students and teachers. The new design approach will shrink down the number of students between several different buildings.

“Tonight is a conversation around what other options do we have,” said Vanden Wyngaard.

Those options could include a more staggered timeline in constructing the school. The superintendent is hopeful it will be done by 2022 at the latest and the plans for a new reimagines school design could go to voters in December.

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