Community rallies as Troy violence increases

TROY, N.Y. – The Troy Police Department is working on several unsolved homicide cases, and members of the community held a rally Wednesday to urge others to put a stop to the violence.

Police responded early Wednesday morning to a double homicide in Lansingburgh. Yelling and a struggle could be heard coming from a home on First Avenue.

Troy Police Captain Dan DeWolf said two males were seen leaving the area, and the front door of the home had “forced entry to it.”

Police entered the home and found 51-year-old Allen Lockrow had been beaten to death. His wife, 59-year-old Marie Lockrow, had also been beaten but was still alive. Marie was transported to a hospital where she later died.

DeWolf said the incident was not a random home invasion.

“Either the attackers knew the victims, or the victims knew the attackers,” he said. “One or the other.”

A rally to “Take Back Troy” was held at nearby Powers Park Wednesday night. Carmelo Laquidara is with the Rensselaer County District Attorney’s Office.

“It’s about bringing justice to these families and friends of these victims who have been through so much,” he said.

People rallied to encourage others to talk and to work with police.

“If you see something, say something,” Laquidara said. “If you hear something, say something.”

Laquidara said a random clue could help solve a case.

“Or it could be just one piece of the puzzle that leads to another piece, and all of a sudden you put these pieces together, and now you can solve an otherwise unsolvable crime,” he said.

Especially since most violent crimes in Troy are happening behind closed doors.

“They’ve all occurred behind closed doors,” Troy Police Chief John Tedesco said. “I don’t know how to prevent that.”

Police said they need the help of the public to solve the recent crimes.

A 2013 blue Ford Escape belonging to the Lockrow’s was stolen from the home. Police believe its disappearance is connected to the double homicide.

Tedesco said the vehicle is currently the key to the investigation. Its license plate is CKL 8018. Anyone who sees the vehicle with that tag should call 911 immediately.


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