Sex offender expected to be charged with random stabbing in Colonie

COLONIE, N.Y. – The man who authorities say committed a gruesome stabbing attack against a woman earlier this week has been identified by police.
Colonie Police say James Sayers, 43, will be charged for the crime early next week. 
According to Colonie Police Chief Steven Heider, it’s one of the most vicious crimes he’s seen in his 40 years on the job. 
Sayers, a level three sex offender, had just served 14 years in jail after being involved in a robbery. However, according to the Department of Corrections, he also served time prior for the rape of a 9-year-old girl. Sayers was released on parole in May.
On Monday, Colonie Police say the man committed his next heinous act against a 50-year-old woman. Police say the two were on the same bus from Albany and got off on Central Avenue and Route 155. Sayers then allegedly followed her for more than one mile before assaulting her near Wall Street and Watervliet Shaker Road shortly before 6 p.m. That is when Sayers allegedly followed the woman, grabbed her by the neck, drug her into the woods, and stabbed her multiple times in the face, throat, and other parts of her body causing internal injuries. 
Heider said that if the woman did not fight back she would have died. 
A neighbor heard the victim’s moans of anguish and called 911. 
Sayers is now in custody but has yet to be charged for this crime. However, according to the Albany County District Attorney’s Office and Heider, Sayers will be charged early next week. 
“He was initially arrested on a parole warrant based on him removing a electronic device off his ankle that tracking device that was part of his parole. That got him lodged in the Albany County Jail. It’s given us time to secure our case to do everything we had to do. Interview all our witnesses and we’ll be presenting that to a Grand Jury at which time we will charge him at that point,” said Heider.

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