Woman accused of soliciting donations for fake charities

MANCHESTER, Vt., – Manchester Police say they have arrested a woman for soliciting donations for a fake charity.

According to authorities, on August 7, police received multiple reports of a female going to local businesses and soliciting donations for what she described as a children’s charity. 

Police say that businesses that made donations by writing a check later found that the checks had been altered to a higher amount and cashed at a local bank. 

The female accused of this crime was identified as Sara Wilbur, 34. 

On Tuesday, police attempted to locate Wilbur at her home. Upon arrival to the address, it was determined that the woman had moved out the day before. Police were able to determine that Wilbur was staying in a motel in Brandon, Vermont. However, they were unable to locate her there. 

Later in the evening, police officers from the Brandon Police Department were able to locate Wilbur. The promptly took her into custody. 

Wilbur is scheduled to appear in the Bennington Superior Court Criminal Division on Monday. She is charged with Uttering Forged or Counterfeited Instrument, and Forgery/Counterfeiting Papers/Documents.

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