REMS still has not signed a contract with the town

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ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – Rotterdam Emergency Services has not signed a contract with the town after being selected eight months ago.

REMS was selected by the Rotterdam Town Board to be the town’s primary emergency transportation in December 2013. Multiple contracts have gone back-and-forth between the town and REMS.

It was revealed at the board’s Wednesday night meeting that a contract has not been signed because of the reporting process that REMS will follow to document the work they do.

REMS officials said their reporting process complies with state laws, and they’ve come to agreements with the town’s police department which oversees EMS calls.

Town leaders, however, said they disagree on the wording of the contract and claimed they need REMS to document their work in a way that ensures the town is getting the proper service it agreed to when it awarded REMS the contract.

REMS said they’re disappointed in the process the town is taking.

“At this point, they’re asking for more and more reporting that is not related to EMS, that is not related to the running of the operation,” Dean Romano with REMS said.

The town board said it would like to meet with the REMS board in the near future to come to a permanent agreement.


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