Inmate makes bomb claims, closes part of ER

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ALBANY, N.Y. – Part of Albany Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room was evacuated Thursday after an inmate claimed he swallowed a battery with a bomb attached to it.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said a Washington County inmate was being transferred to Albany County when he told officer he had swallowed a battery attached to a bomb. Police x-rayed the inmate and saw a battery, so they took the inmate to Albany Memorial Hospital as a precaution.

Police believed his bomb claim to be improbable because he was in police custody.

The inmate made threatening statements to hospital staff about detonating the possible bomb in his stomach, Apple said. Officials at the hospital evacuated part of the ER as a precaution.

It was determined the inmate had only swallowed a battery, and there was no danger.

Apple said the inmate is currently in Albany County Jail and under surveillance of police and medical personnel until he passes the battery.

Additional charges may be pending.


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