Family, friends, remember Major General Greene during funeral services

 QUEENSBURY, N.Y. – Major General Harold J. Greene was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday in the presence of family and friends.

Rolly Merrill of Queensbury attended the funeral services for his friend. The two graduated together from Guilderland High School in 1977. Merrill says he went to the funeral to honor his friend and to show support to Greene’s family.

Merrill says he was crushed when he heard the news that his longtime friend, Major General Greene, was killed when officials say a gunman dressed as an Afghan soldier opened fire on U.S. and coalition leaders. Greene was killed and many others were injured. 

A memorial was held for Major General Greene at the Pentagon. Merrill says he spent time with the two-star general at Guilderland High School and when both attended college. Greene attended RPI. 

According to Merrill, he and many close to the Major General called him a scholar, a family man, and a leader.

“I talked to Harry’s dad on the phone last week and you know to see the family today the first I’ve seen them since this has all happened it’s going to be very hard. It’s a reality. I can accept that I just don’t like it at all you know. It’s just terrible. I lost a really good friend,” said Merrill.

Major General Greene leaves behind a wife and two children

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