Schenectady dogs turned over to animal control

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – With the threat of jail time, two Schenectady dogs accused in the fatal attack of another dog were turned over to animal control Thursday.

In June, a Niskayuna woman was walking her small dog on Dean Street when Sean McKearn’s two larger dogs jumped out of a window and went after the small animal.

The dog died a few days later.

Police said that wasn’t the first time the dogs had been involved in attacks on other animals, but the owners said they got loose because of human error and not aggression.

“The first incident, you know your dogs don’t play well with others,” Schenectady Police Lt. Mark McCracken said. “The second incident, then the third incident – what’s your excuse?”

“These dogs are like children to us, but we also know no matter how much we humanize them, they’re still animals, and we can’t get in their heads,” the dog owner’s sister Lindsay McKearn said. “We can’t predict what they’re going to do so we take full responsibility for all three incidents that occurred.”

McKearn said they would like the dogs back and to be given a chance to prove they are responsible dog owners. Police said there is a court hearing August 13, and a judge will determine what will happen with the dogs.


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