Foundation helps local woman find new kidney

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Northeast Kidney Foundation is helping a local woman find a live donor through the help of a click of a button.

Lisa Robinson-Parker has been living with kidney disease for the past 25 years, but she said things began to change drastically for her a couple years ago.

“Things were going downhill fast, so I had to start doing dialysis and going in for surgeries,” she said.

Now Robinson-Parker has been living her life around a machine.

“You have to be hooked up by a certain time of the day, so that it could be done by a certain time in the morning,” she explained.

Robinson-Parker was put on the transplant waiting list two years ago, but her doctors cautioned her that it could take years to find a match. However, she also has a family to care for.

Her 17-year-old daughter was born with cerebral palsy, and her husband is disabled from a brain aneurism. A new kidney is her only hope to finally unhook from the machine.

“I did not know what I was going to do,” she said.

That is until she met Carol LaFluer, the Executive Director for the Northeast Kidney Foundation.

The foundation recently launched a new program called Kidney Connection that allows people who need a kidney to share their personal story with others in hopes someone will step forward and be a match.

“Think how aggravating waiting in the grocery line, waiting in heavy traffic, so imagine if you are someone that needs a lifesaving transplant and every day that goes by and you’re waiting and waiting and waiting for that gift of life,” she said.

Robinson-Parker said she has the support of her friends and family, but a stranger’s support may be the final piece she’s been waiting for.

“They’re sacrificing their life and family to save someone else’s life, so I mean I would be dedicated to them for life,” she said.

Robinson-Parker said she wouldn’t have been brave enough to put her story on the site if it weren’t for her family. LaFleur said some potential donors have already come forward to help.

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