State casino board disqualifies Amsterdam

NEW YORK – The city of Amsterdam will no longer be in consideration as a potential casino site.

The New York State Gaming Commission unanimously voted Thursday to disqualify the Florida Acquisition Corporation from consideration for a casino in Montgomery County citing an incomplete application.

Commissioners said it would be unfair to the other applicants if the group was given extra time to complete it. Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane called the decision “disappointing,” especially because her city is in dire need of an economic boost.

Thane released the following statement to NEWS10 ABC on the decision:

“It is obviously disappointing for us. We are a community of such tremendous need. We live in one of the most impoverished counties in the state and struggle to meet the increasing burdens that age, blight and escalating taxes put on our municipalities. This was our one ray of hope. We had hoped that the Commission would be able to work with our developer as we had been advised to put in an application despite its not being complete. I think the lack of substantial information in the application was too much for the Commissioners to overlook and, in fairness to others and to be completely transparent, they disqualified the submission. I [gave] it my all, but I guess this project was not meant to be.

That said, the state needs to do something for Montgomery County through a transformational project such as this or they will end up having to pay outright out of the state coffers when our residents can no longer afford the cost of government. We need a comprehensive policy for upstate revitalization.”


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