Amsterdam still wants casino

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. – The city of Amsterdam still has a lot of supporters for building a casino in the city.

“It will transform our economy,” Community and Economic Development Director Robert von Hasseln said. “It’ll make more difference out here in Montgomery County than it could possibly make in Rensselaer or Albany.”

Amsterdam wants to build a casino off Exit 27 of the Thruway. The casino sitting board is considering disqualifying the proposal. The board said the application wasn’t complete.

The developers behind the plan are Clairvest and the Great Canadian Gaming Team. Officials with them said they want to stay in the running. They said they have improved their project and raised the $50 million licensing fee requirement.

“Since the commission has indicated that they’re willing to take, hold public meetings, to take additional input,” Hasseln said. “It would be fair and in the best interest of all concerned to keep this open.”

Those behind the proposal said the CEO of Clairvest will be traveling to Toronto to attend a Thursday night meeting in Manhattan.

Downtown Amsterdam has many closed store fronts. Von Hasseln said the effects of building a casino in the community would benefit the entire area.

“It would change the nature of the Capital District,” he said. “It would make a larger, more integrated Capital District that stretches all the way out from Albany to here.”

The board meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.


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