Troy Fire Chief notes increase of heroin overdose calls in city

TROY, N.Y. –  Heroin problems are on the rise in Troy, according to the Troy Fire Department.

The fire department says the issue is growing as firefighters respond to more overdoses each month in the Collar City.

Deputy Chief Eric McMahon says when he began at the Troy Fire Department 25 years ago, heroin overdoses were rare. However, McMahon says now the department responds to at least one heroin overdose each week in the city. 

Most of the firefighters with the department are trained paramedics. They have the prescription drug Narcan which can help those who overdose. 

McMahon says the department can administer the drug through IV or through the nostril. 

According to McMahon, the victims the department has treated are of all different ages and classes in the city. He says the problem is impacting a wider range of people in the community than he has seen in the past. 

“It does seem to be accelerating it really does. I don’t know what is driving the latest craze or the latest epidemic but it does seem that it’s accelerating,” said McMahon.

McMahon says Troy Police are always called when the department responds to an overdose. Troy Police have not returned NEWS10 ABC’s requests for comment on the issue at this time. 

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