Postman’s vehicle stolen in Galway located in Schenectady

GALWAY, N.Y. – A local postman says the car he used to deliver mail has been found after he reported it stolen earlier in the week.

Galway is considered a rural community, so Andrew Montenaro has to use his own vehicle to deliver mail. No matter the weather, 570 homes across 66 miles depend on him.

“It stayed here all seven years. I never had a problem. It’s parked here. People know it’s my car. They say ‘oh we see you sitting there’ and I’ve never had a problem,” said Montenaro.

Montenaro says he went to work on Monday and found that the car he uses to make his deliveries had been taken. The 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Seara had nearly 180,000 miles on it. He reported it to the police, but they believed it may have been stolen for scrap metal.

But Montenaro says a woman who watched the NEWS10 ABC report noticed his vehicle on Erie Boulevard in Schenectady.

He said the good news is that nothing was damaged or stolen.

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