Board votes to keep Cohoes girls bball coach

COHOES, N.Y. – A local basketball coach will get to keep his job of nearly three decades after a vote by the school board.

The Cohoes City School District Board unanimously voted Wednesday night for Dan Hytko to remain the girls’ varsity basketball coach.

Hytko held the coaching position for 27 years, but he had to reapply and interview to remain the coach for the 2014-2015 school year. Superintendent Robert Libby said Hytko technically reapplied for his job every year since he was hired but had to re-interview for the upcoming school year because it was the first time someone else also applied for the job.

A crowd of about 50 Hytko supporters were at the school board vote.

“It was overwhelming,” Hytko said.

Hytko said it was his players’ passion that kept him going.

“You come to see them play,” he said. “They compete every night.”

That’s why he said he had no problem competing to keep his job.

“I call it manning up,” he said. “I don’t mind interviewing, and I don’t mind the competition. I think it’s great.”

The district, however, will revisit the position again next year.

“There may be more to come,” Libby said.

Libby said collective bargaining contract language is what caused the board to consider a different candidate.

“There’s language about how coaches are appointed and language about CTA members having priority,” he continued.

Libby said it’s that language that could impact the board’s decision next year.

“As unclear as it is, it does appear that reappointing the incumbent is the right thing to do for now,” he said.

“Without the support of my daughters and my sons and my wife and my entire family, as well as everybody here – parents and the players – this don’t get done,” Hytko said.

Libby said the district is hoping to schedule a workshop so people from the community can talk about youth sports issues so the district can better meet the needs of the community.


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