Troy man helps those in Ukraine during political unrest

KIEV, Ukraine – A local man visiting Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, says he does not see an end to the ongoing fighting in the country anytime soon. 
John Fil, of Troy, has been helping volunteers while he is in Ukraine. He was in the country back in January, which is when he witnessed the political uproar in the capital city.
On Wednesday, Fil traveled back to his native Ukraine after two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down near the crash site of Malaysian flight MH17. The government claims the fate of all three planes were attacks by Russia.
Fil’s shared photos with NEWS10 ABC, depicting memorials set up for those killed during the anti-government protests. 
On Thursday, Ukraine’s Prime Minister resigned and political unrest continues as the area is in both a political war and a war against Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. 
Fil says he just wants to help his people. He has provided first aid, money, and medicine to volunteer organizations in Kiev. It’s been reported that people fleeing Eastern Ukraine are heading to Kiev where the fighting has slowed down.
“They provide the help for the people who they’re coming here to Western Ukraine so there’s all kinds of organization to try to accomplish assistance. It’s sad. It is sad,” described Fil.
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