Pittsfield adopts strict smoking regulations

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PITTSFIELD, Mass., – Officials in Pittsfield say there are new, tougher smoking regulations which are a matter of public health. 
The new regulations are intended to reduce the access and exposure young people have to tobacco products. 
The city’s Board of Health unanimously adopted the rules following a public hearing on Wednesday, which means big changes are in store for residents and business owners in the city. 
Smoking is now banned in all city parks and playgrounds. The number of tobacco retail permits will be cut in half. Any new vendor will not be allowed to open within 500 feet of a school. Even cigars can only be sold in packages, no singles. Officials have also mandated the price, no less than $5.
The Parks Department said they’ll initially alert anyone caught smoking in a park about the new rules. However, after an unspecified amount of time, there will be fines. 
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