Health aide accused of choking elderly woman

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. – Police say a health aide choked an elderly woman at a nursing home.

According to East Greenbush police, they responded to Evergreen Commons on Wednesday after a patient at the nursing home claimed she had been “choked”.

An investigation revealed that around 9 a.m. Wednesday, nursing staff on the floor heard an 85-year-old patient yelling and rushed to her room to investigate.

A nursing assistant, identified as Antoine Reid, 32, was in the process of dressing the patient. He told the other nurses that he did not know why the woman started yelling and did not know what happened.

According to authorities, the nurses spoke with the patient in private, which is when the victim said Reid had choked her around her neck with both hands.

Nurses and administrators told police they saw red marks on the woman’s neck and a bruise on her arm, neither of which had been present before.

Reid was arrested and charged with Endangering an Elder or Incompetent Person and Criminally Obstructing Breathing of Another.

“They’re very serious charges,” Det. Sgt. Matthew Breig said.

Breig said the case is still under investigation. One of the charges is a felony and could result in prison time.

Officials from Evergreen Commons said they had “no comment.”

“It goes from here to actually the attorney general’s office [who] will be taking up their investigation,” Breig said. “There have been no other complaints like this.”

Reid appeared in East Greenbush Town Court Thursday. He said he had been sick, and therefore he had not touched the patient.

“I’m really sick, so I didn’t want to touch her, so I didn’t touch her at all,” Reid said.

He said the patient is falsely accusing him.

“Just falsely accused of something I didn’t do,” he continued.

Reid pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

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