Bethlehem man accused of producing child pornography leaves neighbors with questions

BETHLEHEM, N.Y.—The Bethlehem Police stated that Robert McCoy will face his preliminary hearing for child pornography charges Friday.

Many neighbors are still asking if he was already on the sex offender registry and why they weren’t notified prior to the charges.

“Considering its two doors down, it’s very scary,” said Natalie Williams, neighbor of McCoy.

Natalie Williams is a mother of three who said she was shocked to hear the man who moved into her old mobile home a few months ago was being charged for taking pornographic pictures of children.

“I’m not happy with that at all especially because I have children and there are a lot of children in this park,” said Williams.

Williams also said she had no idea McCoy had any prior convictions, and thought any sex offender who moved into her park had to tell her and the rest of the neighborhood he had moved in, especially since he was registered for possessing child pornography back in 2009.

According to Bethlehem detective Sergeant Adam Hornick because McCoy was a level one sex offender, something he said is determined by the courts and an investigation by the probation department, assigning each sex offender on a scale from one to three on a case by case basis.

“The lower the level, the lower the number–like a number one is what the courts have deemed as someone who is least likely to reoffend,” said Hornick.

A level two or three will show exactly where a sex offender lives, where as a level one will only give their name, picture and zip code.

“The downside is that because they are deemed a level one, the courts have ruled and a the legislature, that the laws are that they have more of a rule of privacy and their past history,” said Hornick.

Sergeant Hornick said it is important that the public take it upon themselves to make sure they periodically log on to sex offender websites, and type in anyone new who moves in to the neighborhood.

“I’m going to go on like every other week or something and check it out,” said Williams.

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