Lawn at SPAC takes a hit after severe winter

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.—The lawn at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center is a popular spot during the summer months.

Hundreds of people filled the hill Thursday afternoon to see the New York City ballet perform.

“It’s just it’s a great concert experience, especially on a beautiful day like this. To be able to people watch, watch the performance, spread out a little and enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s here,” said Tara Chhabra, SPAC attendee.

Looking at the lawn, there is a lot of brown, meaning there is more dirt than grass, and its only July.

“Due to the very severe winter, the light spring and the torrential rains we’ve had. Our lawn has taken a hit for that,” said Marcia White, President of SPAC.

Marcia White said SPAC tried their best to repair the lawn, but mother nature hasn’t cooperated.

Others point the finger at the Phish concert that took place Thursday, July 3. The start time had to be pushed back due to severe weather, and White said that show is especially tough on the lawn. White also said SPAC relies on the money shows like Phish bring in.

“If we don’t have concerts that can produce those kinds of numbers than we can’t raise the revenue that we need to support the classical performing arts. So the live nation events are scheduled around our season, and we try to program them when they work best,” said White.

Those attending Thursday’s ballet didn’t seem to mind the lack of grass.

“Sometimes the lawn gets beat up more for some performances than others. The ballet and symphony seem to be pretty calm as far as wearing down the lawn,” said Emilia Bernd, SPAC attendee.

“It’s passable. Doesn’t take away from our enjoyment of what’s going on on the stage,” said Chhabra.

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