Body of missing fisherman found in Lake George

HAGUE, N.Y. – Police found the body of a missing fisherman in Lake George on Friday.

Lt. Steve Stockdale of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department confirms police found the body of William Scott.

According to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, on July 1, 59-year-old Scott went fishing with 70-year-old Thomas Greene and 75-year-old George Boss in a 17-foot Campion open bow vessel on Lake George. During that time, authorities said the men were using down riggers in about 130 feet of water.

The vessel eventually became distressed and started taking on water. Authorities said that as the bow launched in the air, one of the occupants jumped into the lake with a personal flotation device.

The vessel did capsize and all three men were in the water. Greene and Boss held on to the exterior boat. Scott, who was using the flotation device, drifted away, according to police. Authorities said there was strong current and wind when the incident happened.

Upon interviewing Greene, the operator of the boat, and Boss, the owner of the boat, the Sheriff’s Office determined the men had Scott in their sights for about 10 minutes. However, they eventually lost visual contact.

Stockdale said an autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.


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