Clean up begins in Montgomery Co. after storm

MINDEN, N.Y. – Montgomery County residents are left assessing damage to their property after a heavy storm Thursday.

The cleanup process has been a long ordeal. Thursday’s storm uprooted trees, split tree trunks down the middle and lawns littered with debris. A barn collapsed against strong winds.

Pamela and Shawn Lewis also spent Friday cleaning up after the storm. They piled broken limbs and scattered branches from their grandmother’s home in Fort Plain. They said her house was covered in debris, and she was home alone during the storm.

“It is what it is,” Shawn said. “You can’t predict it. You can’t stop it. But to see someone like my grandma being old and along by herself, it kind of does sting your heart to see what happened around her house.”

However, they said they are used to severe weather, and they came to their grandmother’s house for clean-up duty.

“We’re used to it,” Pamela said. “I mean, last year we got flooded out, lost our home. Last year it flooded in Fort Plain, and it’s just a natural thing for us to help out and get it done.”

The National Weather Service was out Friday in Herkimer and Montgomery County following the storm’s path. They determined the damage was caused by straight line winds and not a tornado.

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