Judge dismisses Ark school court case

TROY, N.Y. – A judge dismissed the Ark Community Charter School court case Thursday morning.

The SUNY Board of Trustees Charter School Committee oversees Ark. The board decided in a 2-1 vote on March 17 to not renew the operating license for Ark saying the school failed to reach its student achievement and did not meet or even coming close to annual student achievement goals.

Parents and students held rallies about the decision and took legal action by sending the case to the state Supreme Court.

Board of Trustees Chair Steve Axelrod released the following statement about the judge’s dismissal:

“We feel fortunate to have been embraced by this community, and allowed to serve our students and their families, over the past 13 years. We consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to assist our students in growing academically, socially and ethically. Putting our youngest citizens on the path to becoming productive and successful adults has been our mission and will live on as our legacy.

We will be forever grateful to so many people who have contributed to the Ark’s success over the years, from the families who entrusted us with their children’s education, to the organizations that have invested in our school, to the faculty and staff whose dedication and commitment have been second to none. And we are especially thankful to so many great people and outstanding institutions in our community who have stood by our side, lending invaluable support and assistance, during the past several months.

More than anything, we take pride in the accomplishments of our students, and we are confident that they will forever carry forward the true spirit of the Ark Community Charter School.”


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