Halfmoon crews work on repairs ahead of next storm

HALFMOON, N.Y. – The town of Halfmoon is doing what it can to stay ahead of Thursday’s expected storm.

Construction crews were removing an old 24-inch culvert and replacing it with a 36-inch culvert Thursday afternoon because the original one wasn’t large enough to handle last week’s rainfall.

Officials declared a state of emergency in the town because of the flooding. Several homeowners had feet of water in their basements and lots of damage. Construction crews knew they had to stay ahead of Thursday’s impending rain, but they were also working on doing more.

“The highway department’s been going out checking storm drains, catch basins, streams; making sure there’s no debris in them,” Halfmoon Deputy Highway Superintendent Bill Bryans said. “Make sure the catch basins are open and all the pipes are open, so the water can flow freely. Unfortunately, when we get that amount of rain in that short period of time, pipes just fill up, and they can only handle as much as that pipe can handle, and then it overflows.”

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