Albany Dutchmen pitcher excels in two sports

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Albany Dutchmen pitcher proves he can go the distance in more than one sport.

Spencer Hotaling helped lead Susquehanna University to its first league title the past season. Now as a member of the Albany Dutchmen this summer, he leads the team in wins while posting the lowest ERA on the ball club.

“It’s been a blessing to just keep the momentum going from the school year into summer ball,” Hotaling said.

The All-League pitcher is also a three-time All-Conference kicker.

“I didn’t know that I wanted to do both,” he said. “I actually was planning on playing soccer in college.”

So if it was possible, he’d play all three sports. But two was hard enough.

“One sport is pretty demanding, and two is even more,” he explained. “You never have an off season.”

Despite a busy schedule, Hotaling continues to play because he loves both sports, but if he had to choose only one, it would be baseball.

“I love both, but I’d say I love spending the time with my baseball boys most,” he said.

But what would he choose between a game winning field goal or a complete game shut out?

“I’d rather kick a game winning field goal just because everything is riding on you,” he said.

While the sports are very different, Hotaling draws similarities in his rolls in both sports.

“There’s always a lot of eyes on you in both sports,” he said. “That’s the one comparison I can draw is you’ve always got everyone’s eyes on you.”

That may put a lot of pressure on the Dutchmen hurler, but his success in both sports proves he can handle it.


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